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BTN LiveBIG: Rutgers grad's road to a degree paved with perseverance

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. The phrase, first ascribed to British writer William Edward Hickson in the 19th century, is one we’re all familiar with. But few of us truly live and breathe it the way Letitia Jones has. After graduating from Rahway High School in New Jersey, Jones wanted to attend college. However, she didn’t have the financial means to pursue higher education at the time. Instead, she moved out of her house and worked three different jobs, splitting time at a daycare center, a beauty-supply store and a tollbooth on the Garden State Parkway.

BTN LiveBIG: Maryland professor discovers 'birthmarks' from Earth's early years

Four and a half billion years. That’s how old most scientists believe the Earth to be. And according to a recent discovery by Maryland professor Richard Walker and his team of researchers, there are materials inside Earth’s mantle that have survived for almost the entirety of that four and a half billion years. Walker’s team measured rocks from Baffin Bay in northern Canada and the Ontong Java Plateau in the Pacific Ocean, and they found an isotopic signature — an overabundance of 182-tungsten decayed from 182-hanfium. Without getting into the science too much, that’s characteristic of processes that occurred during

BTN LiveBIG: Nebraska student's startling fossil find reveals new ancient species

Carissa Raymond’s discovery was the paleontological equivalent of a rookie baseball player hitting a grand slam on the first pitch of his major league career. “It takes skills to know what you are looking for, but I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time,” said Raymond, a junior majoring in both geology and geography at the University of Nebraska. Last May, while on her first-ever fossil expedition, Raymond stumbled upon a previously unknown species of mammal at a site in New Mexico’s San Juan Basin. Suddenly, she caught herself staring at the fossilized remains of an