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Video: Huskers send best wishes to Jack Hoffman

Nebraska football fan Jack Hoffman starts another round of chemotherapy Thursday, and the Nebraska football team has a message for the young brain cancer survivor who delighted the nation with his touchdown run in the 2013 spring game. Watch Bo Pelini, Kenny Bell and Ameer Abdullah, among others, send Jack their best wishes as he enters am international clinical trial in Boston. Get all of our Jack Hoffman coverage: [display-posts tag=”jack-hoffman” posts_per_page=”5″] [ MORE: Read Andy Hoffman’s journal entry on Jack’s health ] “I know it’s not just me personally,” receiver Kenny Bell said, “I can speak for everybody in

Video: Bo Pelini accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

BTN analyst Gerry DiNardo challenged Bo Pelini to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and the Nebraska football coach wasted no time accepting the challenge. “Let’s get it over with,” Pelini said after mentioning that he’d been challenged. Before getting drenched, Pelini sent challenges out to former Nebraska star defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska fan Larry The Cable Guy and, of course, @FauxPelini. Get our latest Bo Pelini news: [display-posts tag=”bo-pelini” posts_per_page=”5″] [ MORE: Watch Big Ten personalities take ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ] Watch DiNardo challenge Pelini:  

Photo: Bo Pelini takes photo with newlyweds

See Bo Pelini out in public, you better ask him for a photo. The Nebraska football coach is no stranger to posing for photos, and he proved it yet again Saturday for a couple of newlyweds. See the picture in this post. Get our latest Gone Viral moments: [display-posts tag=”gone-viral” posts_per_page=”5″] Dux wedding just got crazy @FauxPelini — Nate Neuerburg (@Neuerburg02) August 9, 2014 h/t: Speaking of Pelini, @FauxPelini also got plenty of love on social media Saturday. There was this creative sign on Nebraska Night at Kaufman Stadium. Why pick on Hunter Pence, you ask? It’s all

Cat jokes aside, Pelini talks signing day idea

It didn’t take long. In fact, it took just the second question posed to Nebraska coach Bo Pelini before he was asked about the cat he brandished at the spring game. “My cat is enjoying a nap upstairs,” said Pelini, who has softened his image. “I’m not just an intense, competitive animal running around all the time.” So, the legacy of Bo’s cat lives on. But Pelini’s answer to a question about recruiting and Signing Day in particular was interesting. Asked about the practice of “flipping” recruits, Pelini said, “Why do we have to wait until any certain day (to

Photo: Check out this Bo Pelini 'Lion King' photoshop

After Bo Pelini’s memorable entrance Saturday at Memorial Stadium, it was only a matter of time before “The Lion King” photoshop jobs hit social media. In case you missed it, Pelini held a cat in his arms during the team’s famous tunnel walk, and he raised it into the air once he entered the field. The moment reminded many of this iconic scene from the Disney classic. See a photoshopped photo in this post. @AFRO_THUNDER80 — Riley Milhon (@RJMHoneybadger) April 13, 2014 Why the cat? Well, Pelini and his fake Twitter account, @FauxPelini, which has a picture of the

Video: Bo Pelini enters Nebraska spring game with cat

The way Bo Pelini’s been delighting the masses on social media since the end of last season, you had a feeling he was going to do something special Saturday at Nebraska’s spring game. He did something special, all right, carrying a cat in his arms for the team’s famed tunnel walk. As Pelini entered the field, he hoisted it above his head – a move that delighted the fans and reminded many of “The Lion King.” If you haven’t paid attention recently, Pelini and his fake Twitter account @FauxPelini, which has a photo of Pelini holding a cat as its