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AP top 25: Michigan State gets No. 1 billing in preseason poll.

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BTN LiveBIG: Ohio State professor is picking up good vibrations

Sometimes the smallest things can make big differences. The sway of a bridge or building caused by wind is barely perceptible for most people, for instance, but Ryan Harne sees a major potential source of energy in what few others even notice. An assistant professor in Ohio State’s department of mechanical and aerospace engineering, Harne has studied vibration-energy harvesting for several years. His research examines how the movements of large structures, like skyscrapers and bridges, could translate into usable energy. “If a bridge weakens steadily over time due to swaying, nowadays it’s quite common to go ahead and either retrofit

BTN LiveBIG: Maryland’s Hugh Newell Jacobsen finds beauty in simplicity

Few college graduates go on to design the alumni center for their alma mater. But that’s just one of many things that makes Maryland alumnus Hugh Newell Jacobsen unique. Jacobsen, who graduated from the University of Maryland in 1951, is one of the most celebrated architects and designers in the United States today. His career spans more than a half century, and the majority of the work he’s done has been through Jacobsen Architecture, his firm in Washington, D.C. Jacobsen’s designs aren’t flashy or ostentatious. Instead, he takes a simple, “light touch” mindset that accommodates the environments of the respective