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BTN LiveBIG: Detroit students feeling MPowered

Born out of passion and fueled by desire or necessity, entrepreneurship lives at the intersection of innovation and ownership. And, from small clubs across the country to the television show “Shark Tank,” entrepreneurship is all the rage right now. A group of University of Michigan undergraduates is taking their love for the entrepreneurial spirit and spreading that love to high school students in Detroit, through their on-campus organization called MPowered. [youtube In an ambitious program called Startup High School, the MPowered team built a competition for Detroit high schoolers to pitch their own innovative business ideas. The MPowered team

BTN LiveBIG: Michigan premiere

Tonight after the Wolverines take on Minnesota in men’s hockey, learn more about two incredible programs at the University of Michigan: its rehab robotics group, and a class of students that’s developing software for a 13-year-old girl with cerebral palsy named Grace. BTN LiveBIG spoke with two students involved in the software engineering class, and they shared the impact working with Grace and her family has had on their experience at the University of Michigan. [youtube Catherine Fisher and Cory Gordinier are both senior computer science engineering majors. Gordinier, now a teaching assistant in the class, noted that seniors have

BTN LiveBIG: Brian Griese helping kids cope with loss

As a 21-year-old quarterback at Michigan, Brian Griese was on top of the world after leading the Wolverines to their first national championship in 49 years. But on the inside, Griese was hurting. Nine years before playing at college football’s highest level, Griese lost his mother to cancer. [youtube=] Midway through his NFL career, Griese started Judi’s House, a bereavement support community that helps children and families cope with the death of a loved one. His goal was to provide support so that kids didn’t have to bottle up the emotions like he did for so many years. Judi’s House