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BTN LiveBIG: Veterans Day around the Big Ten Conference

As we celebrate Veteran’s Day, let’s look at some of the ways the Big Ten Conference is connected to those who have served and are serving our country. On Friday, we featured Iowa grad and former Vice Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General James E. Cartwright. During our interview, we asked what Veteran’s Day means to him: “Veteran’s Day is about both the American people and veterans looking back on the sacrifices of those in the military and others in the government made on behalf of the American people. Not all sacrifices have to be in war; the

BTN LiveBIG: NU alum gives boost to military entrepreneurs

Todd Connor saw an opportunity to serve his country after graduating from Northwestern. And after working in a number of roles following his “graduation” from the Navy, he saw an opportunity to serve his fellow veterans. Now he’s about to change the business landscape for them.