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Update: Ohio State Heisman winner Howard "Hopalong" Cassady dies at 85

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BTN LiveBig: Maryland students' food charity has more mouths to feed

During football and basketball games, BTN LiveBIG will spotlight notable examples of research, innovation and community service from around the conference. In-Game stories will provide more background on these features, and the opportunity to view the videos again. Few organizations have grown as much and as quickly as the Food Recovery Network (FRN). Founded by students at the University of Maryland in 2011, today it’s a powerhouse with a nationwide presence. “We’ve become the largest student movement against hunger in America,” said Ben Simon, co-founder and executive director of FRN. “We started about three years ago and are now at

BTN LiveBIG: Big Ten alums fighting hunger

As we sit down with family and friends to enjoy Thanksgiving, there are many among us who aren’t getting enough to eat. Two organizations founded by Big Ten students and alumni are making a major impact on the hunger crisis in this country. For more about Zero Percent, read our feature. For more about the Food Recovery Network, read our feature.        

BTN LiveBIG: Maryland students turning leftovers into life savers

Students at Big Ten universities aren’t waiting until they get out into the “real world” to make a difference. Find out how they’re working together to create positive, meaningful change in this BTN LiveBIG series: the Student Section. The Food Recovery Network (FRN), a national organization committed to saving food that can be used to feed the hungry, was started in 2011 by students at the University of Maryland. But the roots of FRN extend beyond College Park, all the way to the former Soviet Union. Mia Zavalij, a co-founder of FRN along with current Executive Director Ben Simon, was