Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, August 2, 2012

Fans of alternate uniforms are going to love the Wisconsin-Nebraska Big Ten opener Sept. 29 at Memorial Stadium. In what's become the unofficial adidas TECHFIT uniform showcase, both Big Ten rivals will be sporting new alternate duds. Nebraska released its uniform last week – hello, red! – and Wisconsin, which is unveiling its uniform in phases, provided a third and final sneak peek Sunday. It will unveil the whole thing Monday. Catch a glimpse of all three released photos in this post.

Here's a look at the latest released photo:

Wisconsin Uniform
Wisconsin Football – Facebook

Wherever that "W" will be, whether it's the front of the jersey, side of the pants, helmet or gloves, I like it. It's a better logo than the team's normal Motion "W." Enough guessing, let's get ready for the full unveiling Monday. What are your thoughts so far, Wisconsin fans?

This was Saturday's photo:

Wisconsin Uniform
Wisconsin Football – Facebook

That's pretty much what we expected after seeing the first photo. We knew Wisconsin had to be wearing a white jersey, one with red sleeves, and that's what it will be. Also from this picture, we know player numbers will be near the left shoulder – just as Nebraska is doing. It remains to be seen if the jersey will feature a prominent logo (maybe the Motion "W" or, perhaps, Bucky) on the front. Nebraska's will have the block "N." Got to say, a Bucky logo would look pretty cool.

And here was the first picture Wisconsin released:

Not exactly sure what we're looking at here. I'm thinking a sleeve, right? So maybe it will be a white uniform with red sleeves. Or maybe I'm completely off. Whatever the case, the uniform can't be too red because it would be too hard to differentiate between the two teams.

Wisconsin also wore an alternate uniform in last season's Rose Bowl. It was a Rose Bowl-inspired look that featured rose pedals in the numbers and  in the Motion W on the helmet. Here's what that uniform looked like:

Wisconsin Rose Bowl Uniform

And here's a video look at Nebraska's uniforms for the game: web editor Brent Yarina writes the Clothes Call features. Send him your Big Ten fashion tips here, find all of his work here and follow him on Twitter at @BTNBrentYarina.