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Michigan State's Kirk Cousins

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Brent Yarina, an editor for, oversees Clothes Call, the section of our website where we focus on uniform and equipment updates in the Big Ten Conference. For instance, do you remember the special Michigan State football uniforms in the picture on this page? How about these special Iowa helmets? Or the new Minnesota football uniforms? And yes, even though we’re clothes-centric, we also look at other special designs like these new Big Ten basketball courts.

A longtime observer of the evolution of things like football and basketball jerseys, Yarina keeps a lookout over as many developments as he can. But he can’t keep track of everything.

If you see something interesting in the Big Ten that you think he should know about, drop him a line in the box below. If you have links, send those, too. It could be something you saw in football or basketball, but it could also be something interesting from any of the Big Ten Olympic sports, too. We want to make Clothes Call open to as many sports as we can.