Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, May 20, 2012

Michigan's Denard Robinson
John David Mercer-US PRESSWIRE

While growing up in the 1990s, many of my friends were Michigan and Florida State football fans. Living in Lake Forest, Ill., the Michigan allegiance was understandable — even though none of my friends had ties to the school despite the vast number of Michigan alums residing in Chicago suburbs. But Florida State? Not so much.

It was all about the cool uniforms. From California to Maine, non-sports fans might not know a thing about the Wolverines, but they know the iconic uniform.

In 2011, that iconic look underwent several facelifts. There was the "Under the Lights" legacy home uniform against Notre Dame, the last-minute legacy road uniform at Michigan State, and the alternate road version of the legacy uniform in the Sugar Bowl.

On top of that, Michigan also added numbers and gray facemasks to its helmets.

Blame it all on Oregon, which started this trend with its loud, obnoxious and deep collection of uniform combinations. The recruits love it, though, so schools will continue to add new looks.

Including Michigan. According to Kyle Meinke, of, more alternate uniforms are on the horizon. Michigan AD Dave Brandon supports varying the team's look, and at the end of the day, he's the guy who calls the shots.

"The coaches like it and the student-athletes like it and the recruits are enamored by it," Brandon told Meinke. "So why wouldn?t we??

Tradition, for one. Former Michigan football stars are torn on the idea. Those who like it, say it gets people excited, both players and fans, and it helps with recruiting. Those who don't like it, feel Michigan already has the best look in college football.

Where do you fall on the issue? Cast your vote below.

Personally, I like it — as long as the look isn't too much different than the traditional one. For example, this Michigan State Nike Pro Combat uniform is too much of a change.

One thing I will say about Michigan: As much as I like the addition of the gray facemask, the numbers on the helmet look too crammed and are starting to look too neon, too Oregon-ish. web editor Brent Yarina writes the Clothes Call features. Send him your Big Ten fashion tips here, find all of his work here and follow him on Twitter at @BTNBrentYarina.