Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, February 1, 2012

There's a designer out there, Charles Sollars, who is designing FAUX Nike Pro Combat helmets for BCS conference schools. While the helmets are just concepts and something he does as a hobby, I assume, they're still really fun for all of us to consider and critique. Many of the lids are pretty cool, too. He has a design for every Big Ten school — some good, some ridiculous — and you can see them in this post.

Again, these are not real — just something fun to consider. Read more about the helmets over at

Fake Illinois Helmet Design

Click the links below to see a picture of the helmets.
Michigan | Other Michigan concepts
Michigan State
Minnesota | Other Minnesota concepts
Nebraska | Other Nebraska concepts
Northwestern | Other Northwestern concepts
Ohio State | Other Ohio State concepts
Penn State | Other Penn State concepts
Wisconsin | Other Wisconsin concepts

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