Clothes Call: Purdue to bring back helmet stickers

Nike, it seems, makes slight changes to Purdue’s uniform nearly every fall. Recently, there’s been the unpopular decision to redesign the train logo, not to mention the “P” logo, and the odd transition from Old Gold, the school’s secondary color, to more of a khaki hue.

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Well, with Darrell Hazell replacing Danny Hope, the Boilermakers figure to make changes of their own for the 2013 season. Like, bringing back helmet stickers, which were a staple during the successful Joe Tiller era.

The team confirmed it will bring back helmet stickers this fall, however it said the logo on the sticker has not been determined. Best guess is Purdue will go with the aforementioned train logo.

As of right now, the team does not expect any other uniform changes.

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shookwriter27 on 6/25/2013 @ 1:56pm EDT Said:

The company has no right to change a school’s traditions.

Brad Clinehens on 6/26/2013 @ 12:46pm EDT Said:

All of these Purdue articles prove that Danny Hope was a dope as a head coach.

Craig on 6/27/2013 @ 10:10am EDT Said:

Amen to that Brad!

Todd on 6/27/2013 @ 11:45pm EDT Said:

I second Craig and Brad’s comments. Boiler Up!

Crazy Purdue Alum on 6/27/2013 @ 11:47pm EDT Said:

Throw Nike out and see if Rebook is willing to continue traditions with “old gold” rather than Khaki and our original “P”…not liking the changes!!!

    Todd on 6/28/2013 @ 1:57pm EDT Said:

    I agree with Crazy Purdue Alum, get rid of Nike. They think they are a god and can walk on our traditional colors and logos, and change things to “their” liking. I will not buy the stuff! NO WAY! Yes, get Reebok or Champion anyone who will keep the Old Gold and the real Purdue P.