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AP top 25: Michigan State gets No. 1 billing in preseason poll.

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BTN LiveBIG: Indiana gears up for a big 'Little' sporting event

During football and basketball games, BTN LiveBIG will spotlight notable examples of research, innovation and community service from around the conference. In-Game stories will provide more background on these features, and the opportunity to view the videos again. In just a few weeks, Indiana University will be caught up in an intense athletic competition that has a long and storied history in the Hoosier State. But we’re not talking about basketball. It’s a bicycle race — the Little 500. Yet to say that the “Little 5,” as it’s affectionately known, is just a bike race would be a bit like

BTN LiveBIG: Maryland alum examines history behind the handlebars

If you were to take a stroll down Baltimore Avenue in College Park, Md., circa 1896, you’d see plenty of animal-drawn carriages and carts, as well as folks on horseback. That’s not surprising. But one other striking thing you’d notice would be the number of people pedaling around on bicycles. From policemen to pleasure seekers, the bike traffic would be thick. That’s because the bicycle at that time had skyrocketed to a broad level of appeal not approached again until very recently. “As a novelty item, the modern bike offered a great deal of promise,” said Dr. Evan Friss, a University