Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, January 19, 2013

Earlier this season, Indiana coach Tom Crean dropped a piece gum on the court and put it right back in his mouth (watch it here). To be fair, as Crean later tweeted, it was a fresh piece that he fumbled in the process of putting in his mouth. The five-second rule applies there. But what about a wet mouthpiece that rests on the floor for several seconds?

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Ohio State's Aaron Craft has no problem with it. The point guard had his mouthpiece knocked out in Saturday's narrow loss at Michigan State, and he put it right back in his mouth at the next dead ball.

Trust us, we realize this is not a real story; it's just a did-you-see-this moment that caught our attention.

We weren't alone, either. The Michigan State faithful, of course, showered Craft with a collective "Ewwwwww!" as he reinserted the mouthpiece.

There also was this quick Twitter conversation between BTN's Dave Revsine – who let's just say likes his cleanliness – and Doug Gottlieb.

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