How to share BTN video

BTN shares lots of video clips a number of ways beyond There’s our main Facebook page, a video-only Facebook page, Twitter and RSS, as well as full-length episodes on BTN2Go and lots more events on the Big Ten Digital Network. And if you’re familiar with our “Gone Viral?” feature, you’ll know that we post quick clips of great moments as soon as they happen all year long.

For fast and short football and men’s basketball highlights in almost real time during the actual games, check out our school-specific accounts on Twitter or just bookmark this page:

We also hear from people who want to embed any number of our other available video clips, including feature stories and longer clips. It’s free and easy. Here’s how you do it:

1) Find the clip you wish to embed, either in a post or our video vault. For our example below, we chose frame grabs from a video clip where an Iowa basketball player threw a loose show at his own sideline. Have you seen it? Watch it here. Then move on to the next steps.

2) Play the video.


3) Once the video starts, “SHARE” will appear in the upper right for most of our videos. (Note: For a select few videos, the sharing option is not available at this time).


4) Once clicked, you’ll see the “SHARE” option displays number of ways to share a video clip.


5) Use the drop down menu to find the best way for you. Or …


6) … you can just copy the entire embed code and place it on your website.


And off you go. It’s that easy.

Got a question? Let us know via our contact page or click here to find out more about licensing.