Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, October 1, 2012

Nebraska Basketball Jersey

The Nebraska men's basketball team will close down the Bob Devaney Center in new uniforms this season. @NUequipment tweeted a picture of the team's new jersey Monday, and it looks a lot like Michigan's new duds – err do Michigan's look like Nebraska's?

Either way, adidas has its set design and is all about piping and stripes this season. For the Huskers, red and black piping wraps around the shoulders, and red stripes go down each side of the jersey and align with stripes on the shorts.

What else do we know about Nebraska's shorts? @NUequipment says the home uniform (white) will have red on one side and black on the other, while the road uniform (red) will have black on both sides.

The collar is different, too. It used to have red (home) or black (away) at the bottom, but now it is the same color as the jersey, aside from the piping that outlines it.

And, like the rest of the Big Ten, the Huskers added the required "B1G" patch to the left shoulder, just above the American flag patch. web editor Brent Yarina covers football and men's basketball for He writes the popular uniform feature "Clothes Call," which also focuses on the latest cosmetic changes across Big Ten arenas and stadiums. Read all of his work here. You can subscribe to Yarina's RSS feed and follow him on Twitter @BTNBrentYarina.