staff, February 22, 2012

In his first NFL season, former Michigan QB Jim Harbaugh turned the San Francisco 49ers from a 6-10 team into a unit that was one game away from the Super Bowl. The success shouldn't come as a surprise, considering what he accomplished at his previous stop: Stanford. So what does the reigning NFL coach of the year do when he finally has free time? Well, when your brother-in-law is Tom Crean and you're visiting Assembly Hall — which he was Wednesday — you sit in on huddles and run the players' stools on and off the floor during timeouts. Watch Harbaugh work as a team manager now.

Not too bad, Coach. And Harbaugh seemed to enjoy the experience, telling the AP: "I've never sat on the bench before." As for the game, Indiana cruised past NC Central. All in all, it was a good night.

This past week's Journey spotlighted Crean and the Harbaughs.

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