staff, December 24, 2011

As we wind things down for this holiday weekend, the team here at offers up some of our favorite things. We house a whole bunch of great videos inside but we also rolled out BTN2Go this fall. The reviews have been strong so far but go see it for yourself. Like you, loves cool Internet videos. That's why we created a "Did You See This?" running archive of great nightly Big Ten moments, like this one. And this one. And, yes, this one. Just bookmark it already.

And on the topic of cool videos, "The Journey 2012" debuts Jan. 8 so get a taste of the show right now.  BTN2Go has all of last season's episodes available and the Journey producers are on Twitter with @BTNJourney. If social media is your thing, stay in touch with BTN on Facebook, Twitter, and write to us right here. Our Big Ten Geek bloggers are a must-read for hoops fans and our Gus Johnson archive is a must-watch. And Tom Dienhart joined us this fall to covers football and men's basketball and we're happy to have him and his work. Go ahead, drop him a note.

And on that note, enjoy this dunk below and stay in touch…