Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, September 12, 2011

Oregon or Maryland the Big Ten is not, but three of the conference's football teams made fashion statements during Week 2 action. Indiana debuted new white helmets, Northwestern added a patriotic twist to its lids and Michigan wore throwback uniforms and helmets. Which look was the best?

I liked all three, actually, and in this order: Michigan, Northwestern, Indiana. It was weird to see Indiana in white lids, but it's basically the same design as Texas' helmet, which most people love, including myself. Filling Northwestern's "N" logo with the American flag was very cool, although it was a tribute to the 10th anniversary of 9/11, so it isn't here to stay. As for Michigan, I was a big fan, from the numbers on the helmets to the gray facemasks to the hockey-sweater feel of the jersey.

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