Seeing white: Nebraska debuts new footwear

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If you watched Nebraska’s season-opening trouncing of Southern Miss on Saturday and thought the Huskers looked different, you were right. For the first time since the 1980s, according to @HuskerExtraBC, Nebraska wore white shoes and socks in favor of their customary black ones. It was a minor tweak, but one Nebraska fans noticed.

It looked pretty good, too. White is a big part of Nebraska’s uniforms – white pants (home), white jerseys (away), a white helmet and white numbers on the home jerseys – so it looks more uniform than the black does. Then again, it is only footwear.

And this isn’t a one-time thing, Nebraska fans. @NUequipment said the Huskers will sport the look the rest of the season, with the exception of when they bust out their new adidas alternate uniform in the Big Ten opener against Wisconsin.

Here’s the usual look with black shoes and socks:

Nebraska's Lavonte David

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Sherry on 9/3/2012 @ 11:14pm EDT Said:

Like the white—Looks much better than the black!! As for the new uniforms–Aw–Not as classy as the red & white!!

Dave on 9/3/2012 @ 11:54pm EDT Said:

I think they have more options with the white. Easier to see the red trim and such. So used to the black that it’s a little harder to get used to. But, hey, USC changed shoes this past Saturday too. Always wore black with white laces. Now they have red and grey. Go Big Red!

Bill Kerr on 9/4/2012 @ 10:51am EDT Said:

As a Nebraskan living in California, we always joke that you can tell which tourists are from the midwest because of their bright white shoes.


Seems fitting that the football teams should be the same way.

Galen on 9/4/2012 @ 10:58am EDT Said:

Actually, white is NOT one of the colors! Scarlet and CREAM…..Look back a few years – the helmets were Cream colored, now they are just pasty white….

As for the white shoes – AWESOME!

    Brent Yarina, on 9/4/2012 @ 6:46pm EDT Said:

    Good call. This has been fixed. Thank you.

Matthew Milko on 9/4/2012 @ 12:52pm EDT Said:

On The B1Gcast’s preview episode, I ranked Nebraska’s uniforms #1 in the B1G. Not any more. Those white shoes are hideous and ruin their uniforms, way too much white. Not an intimidating look at all, they’ve gone the timid route like Michigan State. Switch back to the black cleats or else it’s gonna be another 4 loss season for Bo Pelini.

    Brent Yarina, on 9/4/2012 @ 1:41pm EDT Said:

    I like it. It is a lot of white, but it goes with the uniform better than black. There’s no other black anywhere on Nebraska’s uniform – only the knee braces.

Matthew Milko on 9/4/2012 @ 4:06pm EDT Said:

It looks like they are out there running in their socks instead of actual shoes. I also believe too much white on a uniform (including shoes) eliminates intimidation, basic color psychology.

Don Koski on 9/4/2012 @ 6:42pm EDT Said:

I believed they look awesome with the white shoes in comparison to black especially wearing white pants. Yes…it is true the school colors are Scarlet and Cream. Keep it going. Go BIG RED!!!!

Travis Anderson on 9/5/2012 @ 12:50pm EDT Said:

I love the white shoes… makes us look even faster! Especially the high powered Offense!

DLWSR1976 on 11/11/2012 @ 9:13pm EDT Said: