B1G Football Uniform Bracket: Michigan vs. Iowa

The 2012 NCAA men’s basketball title game participants were determined Saturday night, and it will be Kentucky vs. Kansas. Here at BTN.com, we’ve reached the finals of our 2012 Big Ten football uniform bracket. The matchup: No. 1 Michigan vs. No. 5 Iowa. Who’s going to be the winner? It’s up to you, so cast your vote in this post. See the previous matchups: Semis | Quarters | First round.

FINAL: No. 1 Michigan vs. No. 5 IOWA

Michigan's Denard Robinson

Iowa's Keenan Davis & Kevonte Martin-Manley

How they got here: Michigan destroyed No. 12 Northwestern in the first round and put it on rival Michigan State in the quarterfinals, amassing the most votes in the process, to earn the automatic berth into the title matchup. Iowa breezed by Wisconsin in the opening round, upset No. 2 Penn State in the quarters and drilled No. 9 Purdue in the semis.

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Eric on 3/31/2012 @ 7:00pm EDT Said:

Man, how did Iowa make it to the final round? This should be a bloodbath…

John on 3/31/2012 @ 9:56pm EDT Said:

Iowa hands down…no contest.

Tiggerhawk on 3/31/2012 @ 10:01pm EDT Said:

Seriously, you scoff at Iowa’s awesome unis?! They have a classic look as Michigan’s do, but they don’t have to do a throwback or corporate pro-combat change yearly. Clearly the advantage is to the black and gold.

Bryan on 3/31/2012 @ 10:10pm EDT Said:

Let’s go Hawks!

Chad on 3/31/2012 @ 10:18pm EDT Said:

if eric means Iowa beating michigan then yes it will be a bloodbath
and eric its called HAWKEYE NATION!!!!

Brandon on 3/31/2012 @ 10:20pm EDT Said:

Yup. A Wolverine bloodbath. Beat Mich Again.

Scooter on 3/31/2012 @ 10:34pm EDT Said:

Michigans Uni’s are fugly. That is why the Hawks are winning just like we beat Michigan in football and basketball.

Matt on 3/31/2012 @ 10:50pm EDT Said:

Just another reason to play “In Heaven There IsNo Beer!! Go Hawks!!!!

Scott on 3/31/2012 @ 10:55pm EDT Said:

@Tiggerhawk: By awesome and classic you mean copied a pro team just like a High School? Yeah real original. Michigan has had its winged helmet since the ’40s while Iowa has only had their unis since the ’70s when they copied the Steelers. Yes, Michigan did have some throwbacks this year, but they don’t change their unis yearly, you must be thinking of State. Michigan has the REAL classic look so I’d say advantage Maize and Blue.

And fyi, Iowa only started winning this when the bots got involved. I guess that’s the only way you guys can win…

Chad on 3/31/2012 @ 10:59pm EDT Said:

When does the voting end? Hawks are killing it. Michigans helmets are horrible. Go hawks!!!

adam on 3/31/2012 @ 11:09pm EDT Said:

grassroots. go hawks.

DoubleD on 3/31/2012 @ 11:10pm EDT Said:

I would think that a school with such a huge football tradition would have better uniforms than an arena league team. Never have liked their uniforms. Think they look silly. Everyone knows the Tigerhawk! Gotta go with the Black and Gold!

Dayton on 3/31/2012 @ 11:10pm EDT Said:

@Scott, we havent had much trouble beating you guys in the last twenty years!!! Bots or not!

Scooter on 3/31/2012 @ 11:10pm EDT Said:

@Scott, Being jealous and making accusations will not help your team any. Trust me, no bots just better fans.

Chad on 3/31/2012 @ 11:13pm EDT Said:

Scott…ahhh….sniff sniff…you are losing, so it must be bots…lol..I could care less how long Michigan has had those fugly helmets. The hawks helmets are original, nobody as them. Go hawks!! This is no upset, we should have been seated #1.

me on 3/31/2012 @ 11:33pm EDT Said:

If Iowa went from 0.23% of the vote to 99.68% within half an hour, that would be a telltale sign that bots were involved. Iowa fans must just have more passionate and have better communication skills and technologies than Michigan fans. Then again, I shouldn’t have expected anything other than whining from a Wolverine.

Jason on 3/31/2012 @ 11:36pm EDT Said:

Beat little Blue, I hope they get blown out by Bama and then lose 3 of their next 4 3 – 9 for the season would be just about perfect.

acoustix on 3/31/2012 @ 11:38pm EDT Said:

@scott – You might want to rethink your statement. Michigan’s helmets are copies of Delaware. There is nothing unique about Michigan’s uniforms.

PK on 3/31/2012 @ 11:38pm EDT Said:

Remember that Hahden Fry redesigned the Iowa logo and uniforms early in his tenure…thanks, Hayden. “Black is a color of power and strength, and to see all those players, with the captains linking their arms in front-it’s a powerful picture.”

Scott on 3/31/2012 @ 11:52pm EDT Said:

I love that Iowa is taking it to Michigan. I have always thought the Michigan’s helments were original and cool but they have been messing with their uniform jersey’s as of late when they should have just left them alone. Iowa’s uniform is a classic from head to toe and when I see all these teams changing their uniforms seemingly every season it makes me realize how timeless Iowa’s look is. With Hayden Fry’s Tiger Hawk logo along with the Pittsburgh Steelers classic look helped to shape one of the best college football uniforms ever!

goblue on 3/31/2012 @ 11:55pm EDT Said:

@acoustix – Hahaha nice job exposing your ignorance. Delaware copied Michigan, not vice versa. Our legendary coach Fritz Crisler INVENTED the helmet at Princeton in the 30s, then brought it to Michigan. We’ve had it ever since. Michigan’s unis are the definition of classic. Take one look at the Steeler’s unis and you’ll see yours are an EXACT ripoff of them.

mulvaspills on 4/1/2012 @ 12:18am EDT Said:

that’s not me, that’s my uniform

c2cjimmy on 4/1/2012 @ 12:25am EDT Said:

The winged helmets are FAR from original. Princeton along with many others wore them first.

ThatGuy on 4/1/2012 @ 12:27am EDT Said:

@goblue – HAHAHA an even better job of you exposing YOUR ignorance. Since when have the Steeler’s had a Tigerhawk on their uniforms? Go pout in your corner before you try to call somebody else out on their ignorance and expose your own. A for effort though. lol

Scott on 4/1/2012 @ 12:31am EDT Said:

It has been 1,988 days since Michigan last beat Iowa in football.

OhioHawkeye on 4/1/2012 @ 12:34am EDT Said:

And Iowa beats Michigan….again.

Pat on 4/1/2012 @ 12:52am EDT Said:

Go hawks…all I hear from Michigan fans is blah blah blah bots are cheating blah blah blah. Hawks have true fans. This is evident by the voting. Go hawks.

ZonaHawk on 4/1/2012 @ 2:35am EDT Said:

Iowa’s uniform’s are NOT exactly like the Pittsburgh Steelers! You have to actually be a fan of both teams to know the difference. There are a few details that are different between the two. Jersey numbers, player name color, Tiger Hawk logo, & throwback unis are totally different. Coach Fry knew what he was doing @ Iowa, and he came out of Texas as head coach for SMU and North Texas. “GO HAWKS 2012!!”

uilaw on 4/1/2012 @ 3:01am EDT Said:

@goblue – Thank you for admitting Michigan borrowed their look from someone too. Just because you stole it less recently doesn’t automatically make it better.

alex on 4/1/2012 @ 3:15am EDT Said:

@ GOBLUE….Actually if we are going with ignorance, the font on both names and numbers are different. Steelers utalize a font that rounds their numbers and letters where as iowa uses college block lettering. Although i agree about deleware, totally ripped off mich. But iowa didnt rip anything off, we openly admit our uniforms are modeled after the steelers. Fry did it to honor the most dominant nfl of the time, they were a powerhouse in the nfl and hayden wanted us to have to look of champions. However black and gold have always been the two main colors of iowa football.

Navalhawk on 4/1/2012 @ 9:55am EDT Said:

Actually Iowa got permission to use the Steelers colors, and design. Hayden said if you want to play like a champion you must look like one. I however think Michigan helmet is the 2nd coolest next to Iowa, and I believe it’s timeless. just sayin

TODD on 4/1/2012 @ 10:08am EDT Said:

HA HA HA, Hawk fans have to be the most delusional fans on earth. Win 11 National Titles, and 42 Big Ten titles, then you can run your mouths

JP on 4/1/2012 @ 11:20am EDT Said:

Iowa’s uni’s are like Kirk Ferentz: highly overrated, mediocre at best.

11 National Championships. Most wins in CFB history. Best winning % in CFB history. More B1G championships than anyone else. Bow down, folks.

And, back to uni talk, Michigan’s uniforms on a yearly basis are named the best uni’s in CFB. Here’s a link from the WALL STREET JOURNAL this past season, in which they brought in a panel of fashion experts.



Go Blue

longliveBo on 4/1/2012 @ 11:39am EDT Said:

Sooo…wheres all the Iowa smacktalkers at now…your uni’s are fugly and the real proof is in the jersey sales…theyre not even in the same league as UM

djh on 4/1/2012 @ 12:06pm EDT Said:

Michigan uniforms are great, but I have to go with the Black and Gold. Go Hawks!

me on 4/1/2012 @ 1:37pm EDT Said:

longliveBo, if Michigan’s jerseys are outselling Iowa’s, it’s probably because a bunch of hipsters are picking them up because they’re “ironic.” walk around New York and you’ll probably see a bunch of folks wearing them with big thick glasses (even though they have perfect vision), pink skin-tight corduroy pants, and a wool stocking cap in 95-degree weather. that’s how ugly Michigan’s jerseys are.

Cole on 4/1/2012 @ 1:51pm EDT Said:

Michigan didn’t have a semi final opponent. Go Hawks!!!!!!!!!!

somebody on 4/1/2012 @ 2:28pm EDT Said:

JP, do you not get that Iowa fans could care less about Michigan’s history? Since 1999, Michigan has won as many national titles as Iowa has: ZERO. Say what you want about superior recruits, tradition, blah blah blah, and we’ll just continue our current 3-game winning streak on the gridiron.

2ndComingOfBo on 4/1/2012 @ 2:46pm EDT Said:

Tom Arnold. ’nuff said.

Herk on 4/1/2012 @ 3:07pm EDT Said:

Without their iconic helmets, the Michigan uniforms are pretty bland and actually somewhat ugly…. Iowa should easily move onto the next round, but because UM has the larger fanbase they’ll most likely win this match up

JP on 4/1/2012 @ 8:44pm EDT Said:

66-33? Yikes. Wrap this sh!t up.

Husker on 4/1/2012 @ 10:21pm EDT Said:

seriously? iowa’s uni’s are old fashioned hideous. michigan should run away with this if people vote on uniforms alone. iowa is towards the bottom of the B1G in reality

IRISHROSE on 4/1/2012 @ 11:46pm EDT Said:


IMAHWKI on 4/2/2012 @ 6:54am EDT Said:

The more I vote for Iowa the lower the % goes. Is there something going on that steals votes? I voted 5x in about 1&1/2 minutes & each vote took the % Iowa had lower instead of increasing it.

Hayden Fry on 4/2/2012 @ 9:28am EDT Said:

This poll is bogus. How can the poll be consistently be trending .01 for Michigan every refresh since 3AM April 1st? Obviously a rigged game. Not saying that Iowa would have won, but it would be nice to see an honest poll, not who can get the most refresh votes. C’mon BIG TEN NETWORK, get it right!

    DoubleD on 4/2/2012 @ 11:38am EDT Said:

    This poll is either rigged or broken. When I submitted my vote the other day Iowa was up by about 30 some percent. The next day Iowa was down 40%.

      Brent Yarina, BTN.com on 4/2/2012 @ 11:58am EDT Said:

      The voting for many of the final few matchups changed by hour, it seemed, depending on which message boards linked fans to the page. I checked in on the votes quite a bit and there isn’t any other explanation. Big Ten fans are dedicated.

Tom on 4/2/2012 @ 11:47am EDT Said:

In favor of Iowa:
*The day-glo flourescent yellow on Michigan’s uniform is its secret shame. That color does not exist in nature, and does not exactly fit with the idea of tradition that the Wolverine winged helmets evoke so well.
*The Tigerhawk logo holds its own against Michigan’s iconic helmet.
*While the uniform concept doesn’t go back as far as the winged helmets, as the years have gone by the history of Hayden Fry getting permission from the Pittsburgh Steelers to model Iowa’s uniforms after them “so that the team would at least look like winners” fifty years ago gets more and more credibility from a tradition point of view.
*Didn’t Michigan steal the winged helmet design from Princeton, after all? NB: I’m not sure if that’s true or not.

In favor of Michigan:
*Longer history.
*While Iowa’s Tigerhawk logo and overall look is better from many angles, Michigan’s winged helmets stand out best when viewed from above, as one sees them from stadium bleachers or the typical overhead TV shot.
*Iowa’s new look may have 50 years of tradition now, but they have tinkered a bit as well. The old shoulder wings were ugly, and the stripes haven’t been consistent.
*Let’s be honest, the “ANF” lightning bolt may look fine, but should a college football team be lobbying for an already over-subsidized industry? Especially when the lobbying is so dishonest giving the disconnect between how America views the farming industry, and the reality of it. Iowans know the truth better than anyone.

Hayden Fry on 4/2/2012 @ 12:25pm EDT Said:


I respectfully disagree, there is another explanation. I went to check on the results of this poll at 3AM on April 1st. I was surprised to see Michigan was back ahead. I understand that Michigan has dedicated fans, and they link from message boards. However, to see the poll moving in one direction by the EXACT same increment for more than 12 hours does seem really fishy. You will have to admit that. I am not saying the the Big Ten Network is rigging the poll, but rather that someone from Michigan has found the way to hack the poll by auto voting multiple times. This is obvious. There is no other way to explain it. Once again, I am not saying that Iowa would have won, but it would be nice to see the results of a honest 1 vote per person poll.

    Brent Yarina, BTN.com on 4/2/2012 @ 1:23pm EDT Said:

    We are not rigging the poll, I assure you that. Who knows what happened, but I do know there were HUGE swings in several of the matchups. We can see that a lot of message boards linked to it, and the ones with the most clicks coincided with who won the matchups. It’s all for fun – nothing that is official or scientific.

Hayden Fry on 4/2/2012 @ 4:22pm EDT Said:

Once again I am not saying that you are rigging the poll, nor have I ever made that assertion. However, for the poll to be as lopsided as it was is certainly not indicative of the real results. Not saying that Iowa could have won, but when people are saying that they vote and the % goes down after they vote is utterly ridiculous. I also understand its only for fun, but obviously when people go out of their way to get people to vote only to have a poll be auto voted by your opposition, as this one obviously was, is frustrating.

OZZIE30 on 4/2/2012 @ 5:11pm EDT Said:

Hayden Fry…..send him a wwwaaaahhhhhhhmmmmmmbbbuuulaaaqnnncccee

TODD on 4/2/2012 @ 9:58pm EDT Said:

Jeez, what a bunch of Whiners! Unbelievable… The delusional Hawk fans are at it again

Kevin McMenemy on 4/4/2012 @ 5:12pm EDT Said:

My favorite top 3 quotes are as follows “I understand Michigan has dedicated fans” it is just in front of “checked the results at 3:00am” or “Michigan fan hacking” but I do know the following, Michigan has the largest living Alumni than any University in the country. I also know as a fan of the University of Michigan there are alot of people just like myself in the non Alumni fan base. I however didn’t get a chance to vote but found it funny when Michigan gets jobbed playing Iowa this year. Many Michigan fans complained of the way the team played and not the last five min. of officiating in that game. Talk about fishy I still can’t get the stench of fish out of my house after watching a clear TD taken away and a clear case of interference ignored at the end of the game. So if there is a hacker lol God bless him and Congradulations to U. of M. having obviously the best uniforms/helmuts or Stadium in the country let alone Iowa’s.

Paul Kirker on 4/4/2012 @ 11:17pm EDT Said:

There is a high school in Peoria Illinois that has a helmet similar to the Michigan helmet.