Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer, December 3, 2017

Nov. 4, 2017. It?s a day that will live in infamy for Ohio State.

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On that gray day in Iowa City, the Buckeyes didn?t just get beat. They got eviscerated by the Hawkeyes, 55-24. And, in the end, it was that result that seemingly served as the biggest catalyst to keeping Ohio State out of the College Football Playoff despite being an 11-2 Big Ten champion.

The Buckeyes were passed over for Alabama, which went 11-1 and didn?t even play in the SEC title game. True, Bama's path to the playoff this season is similar to the one Ohio State took to the playoff last year, when it was picked after watching Big Ten East rival Penn State win the league title game after also beating OSU in the regular season. But that Ohio State team had multiple wins vs. top 10 teams, while Alabama's best win is vs. No. 17 LSU.

This result is a bit difficult to swallow for Ohio State. No doubt, you can make a good case for each the Buckeyes and Crimson Tide. But it seems like the committee couldn?t get past Ohio State's ugly 31-point loss vs. an unranked Iowa team that finished 7-5 and lost at home later in the year to Purdue.

At least 4,683 times the last week I heard: No way Alabama ever would lose to an unranked team by 31 points.

Each time OSU supporters pointed out the wins over top-four teams Wisconsin and Penn State, along with obliterating Michigan State. Haters countered with 55-24.

Each time Buckeye backers pointed out the Big Ten title. Haters countered with 55-24.

Each time Ohio State fans pointed out Bama?s best wins were vs. LSU and at Mississippi State. Haters countered with 55-24.

Each time Buckeye faithful pointed out the Tide didn?t even win the SEC West. Haters countered with 55-24.

So, that was that. For the first time in the four-year history of the College Football Playoff, the Big Ten will not have a representative.