Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, April 8, 2015

Wednesday marks the one-year anniversary of Lacey Holsworth's death, and the Michigan State community is remembering the 8-year-old who died of neuroblastoma.

As the students did following Holsworth's death last April, they have painted The Rock on campus to honor Holsworth.

The Rock is painted white and it includes, #LoveLikeLacey and @Support_Lacey. According to this tweet, "Everyone's welcome to stop by over the next few days to write a message for Lacey."

Holsworth, of course, developed a close friendship with the Michigan State basketball team, in particular then-star Adreian Payne, who she called "Superman."

The Spartans respected and cared so much about Holsworth, to the point that she became a member of the team, hanging out with the players, accompanying Payne on his senior night, joining the Spartans for their Big Ten tourney title celebration and traveling to NCAA tourney games and the slam dunk contest to support Payne.

At last year's NBA draft, a couple months after Holsworth's death, Payne honored his late friend.

Here's a couple looks at The Rock on campus.

And, there's this sweet message from her family.