Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, August 6, 2014

Everybody's favorite Nebraska football fan Jack Hoffman's brain tumor has grown and a second round of chemotherapy is required, Hoffman's father Andy wrote on his web site. Hoffman delighted the nation with his memorable 69-yard touchdown run in the 2013 Nebraska spring game. After the run, Hoffman became a celebrity, meeting President Obama, receiving an Upper Deck trading card and winning an ESPY.

Here's a portion of Andy's letter on Jack's health:

"Today we were humbly reminded that when your child has an inoperable brain tumor, that anything can happen at any point in time.  Despite Jack's tumor being declared in remission (stable) last October, today we learned that that is no longer the case.  While we left Boston in April with the knowledge that there was a "spot of concern", we nonetheless remained optimistic that it was just nothing.  

Today we had a full plate of appointments — MRI, neuro-surgeon, neurology and neuro-oncologist.  Doctors informed us that Jack's brain tumor has grown since the April MRI.  This tumor reoccurrence is going to require some type of therapy.  The tumor reoccurrence is potentially resectable.  Thus, surgery is now an option. Options include a third neurosurgery and/or a second round of chemotherapy.

Tomorrow all of Jack's doctors will be round tabling his case again.  They are going to follow-up with a final recommendation.  Regardless, it will include a second round of chemotherapy."

Read the full letter.

Also from the letter, the Hoffman family will attend the Bengals-Chiefs game Thursday night to see Jack's favorite player Rex Burkhead.

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