Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, July 7, 2014

Former Minnesota and NFL tight end Ben Utecht, 33, is losing his memory as a result of concussions. A singer since his retirement in 2009, Utecht recently dedicated a song to his wife and three daughters. It's called "You Will Always Be My Girls," and it's an emotional song about a possible time when Utecht will no longer be able to remember his family. Watch the video in this post.

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Talk about a powerful song. Utecht says he wrote it, both for his family and to give other families hope who are facing similar situations.

"It has really become an anthem — not only for me, but so many that are affected by brain disease, which is 1 in 6," Utecht said, according to "People don't realize that. One in six are affected by brain disease. It's really been a song of hope for people. That's why it was written."

If you reached for a tissue while watching the video, there's this: The woman in the video is Utecht's wife, Karyn, playing herself.

All the best to Utecht and his family!

h/t: @wischlist

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