Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, June 2, 2014

Last year during its run to the Big Ten and Rose Bowl titles, Michigan State unveiled a few new uniform designs. Like, the all-green look it wore for the Big Ten title game and Rose Bowl Game. Well, if the football models on display at the team's complex are any indication, the Spartans could have some new designs in 2014. See photos of the uniforms in this post.

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These are nice. I especially like the all-white uniform. This is a design the Spartans wore prior to their latest Nike remodel in 2010. See it on Kirk Cousins. Javon Ringer. And Greg Jones. Nice look, right? I also like the other road option, although I hope the Spartans go all-white more often than not.

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The all-green design almost has to stick, especially for big games, considering how well the Spartans played in the look. As for the Pro Combat design, let's just say, the recruits and young fans like it.

h/t: @Spartan_Nation
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