Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, May 23, 2014

The Indiana baseball team has made a habit of standing behind Tracy Smith during each and every one of his recent BTN in-game interviews. The videobombing has been silly and serious, you name it. Well, for Thursday night's scheduled fifth-inning interview vs. Michigan, Smith decided to take a page out of Blake Griffin's book.

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You could say Smith was prepared. He knew his players would be behind him, and he had the cup of water in his hand for a reason.

"I was going to ask you guys," Smith said to the BTN crew, "I brought a cup of water with me tonight. Should I?"

"I think you should," play-by-play announcer Kevin Kugler said.

"Absolutely," color commentator Scott Pose said.

"Alright, let's do it," Smith said, as he emptied the cup over his right shoulder. Let's do it. Let's go."

"That's outstanding!" Pose said.

Indiana's serious videobomb:

Indiana's silly videobomb:

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