Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, May 21, 2014

Indiana enjoys videobombing head coach Tracy Smith's BTN dugout interviews. They did it during the season-ending series vs. Minnesota, and they did it in their Big Ten tourney opener Wednesday vs. Iowa, Smith's first in-game interview since being named Big Ten Coach of the Year. Watch the Hoosiers look very serious behind Smith in this post.

Smith's reaction to learning his team was videobombing him again?

"Are they doing it again?" Smith said.

"They're doing it again, yeah," BTN play-by-play announcer Kevin Kugler responded.

Smith chuckled and said, "Oh boy!"

Baseball is all about being loose and having fun, and the Big Ten champs are proof of that.

This was last Saturday's videobomb:

Here's a picture of both videobombs.

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