Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, May 19, 2014

Union talks have put Northwestern in the news the last few months. The school didn't expect it and it didn't want it. In an effort to show its student-athletes are just that – student-athletes – the school posted an Instagram video that features WR Tony Jones spinning a football and then a book while wearing team gear. Jones then tosses the book in the air, spins and catches a work bag while donning a suit.

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Here's the text to the tweet @NU_Sports tweeted out with the video: "'It?s not a four-year decision, it?s a 40-year decision.' Northwestern prepares #B1GCats student-athletes for life."

Whether you think student-athletes deserve a piece of the pie, it's hard to ignore that the perk of a free education is forgotten way too often in today's landscape.

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