Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer, April 30, 2014

I wrote recently about how college football needs uniformity when it comes to conference scheduling. The five major leagues all need to play the same number of conference games. The Big Ten, Pac-12, Big 12 and ACC are on board, with each now playing nine or with plans to. But not the SEC, which recently decided that it will remain at eight games. The College Football Playoff Committee won't tell the leagues what to do. Too bad.

"The (selection) committee will not be in the business of dictating to conferences their scheduling," Playoff director Bill Hancock said in a AP story. Hancock said the "totality" of a team's schedule will be evaluated by the selection committee for its difficulty when it comes to tabbing the four playoff teams.

"Every game that everybody plays will be taking into consideration," Hancock said. "To the committee it won't matter whether you played an eight- or nine-game conference schedule. But it will matter who you played for your 12 or 13 games. And, of course, how you did against them."

The running back spot at Michigan is a concern. No doubt, better blocking will help. But a top ballcarrier is needed. For now, De'Veon Smith is ahead of Derrick Green in the pecking order. But does it really matter at this point? Of course not.
I think a slimmed-down Green eventually will be the man. Remember: He was considered by some to be the nation's top prep back in 2013.
This is pretty funny. Michigan State coach Tom Izzo sent this video message to Nebraska's Tim Miles, and it was shown at the Cornhusker hoops banquet.
Nice to see Izzo have some fun. Remember, Nebraska went to East Lansing this season and won – Izzo mentioned this in the video.
Speaking of MSU, this was an interesting revelation: Turns out stud corner Darqueze Dennard twisted an ankle and could hardly walk a few days before the Rose Bowl. But, of course, he gutted it out and helped lead the Spartans to victory.
"I knew it was bad, but I didn't know how bad," Dennard told "At first, I was just going to tighten my shoelaces and continue to play on it. But when I tried to stand up, I couldn't, and I fell."

Dennard said the treatment on his ankle started almost immediately.

"I was going to play - there wasn't any doubt about that," he said.

Yet another reason to love Dennard.


What will Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde be like as a pro?

I think he may end up being the best NFL player among all the Big Ten players in the 2014 draft. He's a big, physical runner who can carry a big load. NFL teams love backs like Hyde.


OK, Northwestern fans: Here is the ultimate summer guide to Wildcats football, complete with projected depth charts, position battles and more. It's quite fantastic. Thanks,!

I am amazed at the depth at running back. But it's the o-line that holds the key. See, we can NU football and not mention a union. Oops, did it again. Sorry.


Wondering who will start for Iowa? Rick Brown of has picked the 24 Hawkeyes starters. Just flip through the photos.

The defensive line and receiving corps have come a long ways. In fact, the d-line will be one of the best in the Big Ten. And the receiving corps actually may have some difference makers. This is exciting stuff for the Big Ten's dark horse.


This isn't ideal: New allegations have arisen that Penn State coach James Franklin contacted the victim who was allegedly raped by several of his football players while Franklin led the Vanderbilt program.

Franklin has issued a statement on the report, denying any wrongdoing.

Stay tuned. But the last thing Penn State needs is more messy proceedings away from the football field.