Tom Izzo has special message for Tim Miles

It’s no secret that Tom Izzo isn’t a big proponent of Twitter. So, instead of sending Nebraska coach Tim Miles a congratulatory tweet on a great season, Izzo got in front of the camera and delivered a personal, tongue-in-cheek message to Miles that aired at the Huskers team banquet.

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“I don’t even know why in the hell I’m doing this congratulatory video, because I really don’t like you,” Izzo joked. “You cost me a lot this year, probably cost us a chance to win the Big Ten the way we never recovered from that whopping you gave us.”

Watch Izzo’s full message below:

This is Tom Izzo at his best, ladies and gentlemen.

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Craig on 4/29/2014 @ 8:59pm EDT Said:

Tom Izzo is all about class.

Ryan on 4/29/2014 @ 10:23pm EDT Said:

Tom Izzo’s demeanor will last longer than all of us. I feel blessed that I get to see him coach my favorite team.

Phil on 4/30/2014 @ 10:20am EDT Said:

It sounds nice. However the more publicity and praise Miles gets the more likely he is to leave for a better gig and then Nebraska goes back to the pooper in bball. It’s strategery. Izzo is also smart.

Chris on 5/2/2014 @ 8:56pm EDT Said:

Izzo has always been one of my favorite coaches! He is a class act, but now that my Huskers are in the BIG I hope we deal them a fit on the court!! Tim Miles has been a huge asset to Nebraska, love him! GBR!