Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, April 8, 2014

Rutgers product Jamaal Westerman has played for five teams in his five NFL seasons. Looking to catch on with a another team this offseason, Westerman is turning some heads with a piece of equipment. More specifically, his Darth Vader-esque elevation training mask.

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The mask, which rests over one's face and nose , makes Westerman work and breath harder while exercising. It has six levels and can be adjusted to restrict or expand how much oxygen comes in. Learn more about the mask.

?It feels that it has been working," Westerman told Yahoo!. "I like to use it not just with cardio but with the movement based stuff like lunges and box jumps. It's a tool to use. It trains your muscles, it is hard to inhale, harder to exhale.?

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