Sean Merriman, web editor, January 3, 2014

Former MSU and current Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell was one of many former Spartan players who made the trip out to California to see MSU take on Stanford in the 100th annual Rose Bowl game. I caught up with the former All-Big Ten back after the Spartans memorable 24-20 Rose Bowl win.

[ MORE:  DIENHART | AP RECAP | 2013-14 BOWL SCHEDULE | GALLERY | TWITTER ] Talk about the job Jeremy Langford did at running back this season and the confidence you had in him taking over for you at that position?

Bell: I had a lot of confidence in him. I always knew that if I leave, Jeremy Langford would come right in. Coach Dantonio knew that. It's just crazy to see him have such a successful year. He was one of the guys I came in with. Seeing him grow up and become the player he is and to win the Rose Bowl, it just makes me smile. Why did you have to come back for this game?

Bell: Because it's the Rose Bowl. We didn't make the playoffs, and I had some time, so I had to come back. It's something that this program and these fans have been waiting for. We have been so close. We were real close both my freshman and sophomore year, but we just never got over that hump. We made it this year and I'm just glad for Spartan Nation. We didn't just want to come out here and play in the Rose Bowl. These guys wanted to come out here and compete for the Rose Bowl and win the Rose Bowl. That was the biggest thing for me. What does a Rose Bowl victory mean for this program?

Bell: It's definitely going to help in recruiting. But more than anything, it's just going to take this program to another level. We've won non-BCS bowl games, but this group has never been to a BCS Bowl. And the fact that we got here, got a win against a good Stanford team, the No. 5 team in the nation, that really shows how far this program has come and where it is headed.