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Corey Cobb on 1/2/2014 @ 9:45am EDT Said:

Go msu

Dave on 1/2/2014 @ 3:22pm EDT Said:

Best pic, not posted, from behind the MSU D-line: Elsworth flying spread-eagle over the line on the DEFINING fourth-and-one.

Leonard on 1/2/2014 @ 7:03pm EDT Said:

Why is the only band pictured in this BTN gallery the Stanford Band? This is the BIG TEN Network. You should either have a picture of the MSU band (the BIG TEN Band at the game) or no band photo at all. The Stanford Band is an embarrassment to their university and is a disgrace to all of the band students who actually work incredibly hard to represent their BIG TEN universities.

Stephen White on 1/6/2014 @ 1:37pm EDT Said:

I agree with Leonard……no picture of the Spartan Marching Band? BTN should be ashamed!

steve on 1/6/2014 @ 1:57pm EDT Said:

BTN / Delaney as joke. Not UM or OSU so they are less interested

Dan on 1/6/2014 @ 2:13pm EDT Said:

Stephen and Leonard beat me to it. Shame, BTN.

Matt on 1/6/2014 @ 2:37pm EDT Said:

Agree – The SMB put a lot of effort into an amazing show at the Rose Bowl, and BTN puts up a pic of that silly “band” (if you can call it that) from Stanford. Insulting.

    Brent Yarina, Senior Editor on 1/6/2014 @ 3:00pm EDT Said:

    To those asking about a Michigan State band shot in this gallery, our photo service, USA TODAY Presswire, didn’t provide/post one. As a result, there isn’t one to include. Apologies.

Don Gillette MSU Rose Bowl Band 1954 and 1956. on 1/7/2014 @ 5:39pm EDT Said:

It’s way past time for the Big 10 Network to recognize the great contributions of the Big 10 bands to the Big 10 football experience. Get with it, guys!

Dave Wisner on 1/10/2014 @ 2:49pm EDT Said:

BTN shows they are still a 2nd tier level network by posting a pic of the Stanford band and ignoring the Spartan Marching Band. Disgusting. Are you really an all B1G network? Or just OSU and UM. staff on 1/10/2014 @ 3:10pm EDT Said:

    Dave, just so we understand: Of the several dozen of Michigan State photos we used from USA Today’s photo service – not to mention all the MSU stories, videos, and links from the game – you have an issue with the one photo of the Stanford band in this gallery. Is that right? USA Today distributed 253 Rose Bowl photos that day – selected a number of them for this gallery. Many of the ones that were not selected included Michigan State reps, Stanford reps, or reps from both schools since both schools were of course playing the game. None of those photos included the Michigan State band. We chose the Stanford band shot because it’s a cool photo. Hope that helps explain things a little bit. Thanks for the note.