Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, December 4, 2013

SEC fans are pretty serious about their football. Auburn fans are right up there at the top, and the most recent proof is in a creative logo that is being passed around the Auburn campus this week. See the Big Ten-centric logo in this post.

Yep, that's Michigan State's logo in blue and orange, Auburn's colors, and the words "War Damn Spartans," a play on the school's "War Eagle" chant.

Pretty creative, huh?

Auburn, of course, is rooting for Michigan State to beat No. 2 Ohio State in the Big Ten title game, which could get the third-ranked Tigers into the BCS National Championship Game. That is, if Auburn takes care of business and beats Missouri in the SEC title game.

Prediction: Auburn won't be the only SEC team pulling for the Spartans on Saturday.

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