Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, November 3, 2013

Yes, Nebraska fans, Saturday night's last-second Hail Mary was real. There's no need to check your eyes, that was third-string quarterback Ron Kellogg III throwing a 57-yard bomb to redshirt freshman Jordan Westerkamp, he of zero career touchdowns. Just as Bo Pelini and Tim Beck drew it up, right? Relive all the reaction to the memorable finish in this post.

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The Hail Mary replayed on Super Tecmo Bowl:

Listen to the excitement on the Nebraska radio call:

And how about the crowd's reaction? We have that right here:

Check out the tweet, and kind words, from starting QB Taylor Martinez:

This will be on a poster someday:

And how terrific is this reaction shot, split right down the middle?

But, let's not forget, the Hail Mary wouldn't have been possible without this play:

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