Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, October 26, 2013

It's rare for a one-yard run to drop jaws, but that's just what Braxton Miller did on his short highlight-reel scoring run last season at Penn State. The run was so great, in fact, the Ohio State quarterback picked it as his "Signature Moment." And to think it almost didn't happen.

The play was designed to go to running back Carlos Hyde, but he was taken out by Penn State defenders. That's when Miller did what he does best and decided to improvise. Lucky us!

Watch our short feature on the run in the video above.

Here's what Miller said about the run:

"It was an actual handoff to the running back. But the running back got blown up by the d-ends. Out of my instincts, I took it out and went to the right. So, I don't know what I did, what happened. I just flew up in the air, and it was a crazy one-yard touchdown."

Watch the full play here:

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