Sean Merriman, web editor, October 25, 2013

With the Ohio State-Penn State game fast approaching, #BTNLive had former Penn State standout Derrick Williams on the show Friday. The guys asked Williams who he viewed as Penn State's biggest rivalry, and he gave a dynamite response.

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"Well, going into school I always didn't like Michigan," Williams said. "But me personally… I can't stand Iowa because my senior year we were on our way to the National Championship and lost in the last seconds against Iowa."

Interesting response. But, Williams does justify his reasoning for choosing Iowa over the likes of Michigan, Michigan State or Ohio State.

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"When you're playing and your seconds away from making the National Championship or making the Big Ten Championship, you start to get a better feeling for the teams you lost against," Williams said.

Do Iowa fans feel the same way?

Have at it Hawkeyes!

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