Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, October 14, 2013

To the surprise of no one, there was quite the celebration in the Penn State locker room following Saturday night's quadruple-overtime victory over previously undefeated Michigan. Watch the Nittany Lions celebrate in the locker room and hear Bill O'Brien's speech to his team in this post.

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Here's what the coach said to his team:

"This won't take long. This is what a winning locker room feels like, and you guys are winners. Every guy in this room is a winner, because you never quit. And don't ever forget that the rest of your lives. You guys, in this room, have the ability to never get down and to keep sticking after things. And that is a trait that not many people have."

Well said, Coach! Forget coming back from a 10-point deficit in the final 10:30, though, this was a team that came back from said deficit one week after a frustrating and unexpected defeat at Indiana, Penn State's first loss ever to the Hoosiers.

Team leader John Urschel knew what the game meant.

"It was a great win," he said, "and it might have been the greatest game I've been a part of."

He isn't lying. It was great. Here's what Tom Dienhart said about it.

Watch the highlights below:

And here's some postgame interviews:

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