Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, September 30, 2013

It's kind of a big week at Northwestern. The 4-0 Wildcats are hosting Ohio State, which has won its last 17 games, Saturday night in a game that could be a preview of the 2013 Big Ten title game. If Monday's press conference is any indication, Pat Fitzgerald isn't letting the pressure of the big-time battle ruin his disposition.

Not even a poorly timed phone call. In what is becoming a more common occurrence these days, a call came through to a reporter's cell phone that was placed in front of Fitzgerald to record his comments.

And, let's just say, the coach handled the secretarial duties wonderfully.

"Gram's calling for somebody," Fitzgerald announced, when he noticed the call coming in. "Who's phone is this?"

No one claimed the phone, so Fitzgerald answered: "Hey, Gram, we're in a press conference, buddy. You're going to have to call him back."

Fitzgerald then listened to what Gram had to say on the other end. Best of all: Gram appeared to be completely unaware who answered the phone.

"OK, 'Go Cats.' Bye bye," Fitzgerald said, with a big grin, as he ended the call.



@BTNJourney was at the press conference, too. Look forward to Ohio State-Northwestern coverage on the show.

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