staff, September 9, 2013

Did you miss something while you stepped away from your computer? We?re tracking some of the best Big Ten social media happenings and posting them all right here. Check out today?s edition, including a pregame video shown on the big board at Camp Randall Stadium on Saturday.

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Here are Monday?s B1G Clicks

Our take: No wonder Jim Mora didn't talk Nebraska today. Incredible.

Our take: So cool we can almost check touching the banner off the bucket list.

Our take: Now you'll know what the decal means if you're watching late Saturday night.

Our take: This will make a lot of ladies in Columbus sad, unhappy, jealous.

Our take: Two weeks, two attention-grabbing performances for the Michigan band.

Our take: Stuff like that pregame speech will only make Badger fans love Andersen even more.

Our take: Didn't take long for the Ohio State band to respond to this, huh? Watch the video.