BTN Communications, September 6, 2013

One of the most important jobs I and my team at BTN have is to help fans find their games on football Saturdays when we televise more than one game at a time. With four games at noon and three at 6 p.m. ET tomorrow, we are poised for a busy day. Below is some important information to help you tune in to the game you most want to watch.

First, all our national providers - DIRECTV, DISH, AT&T U-Verse, and Verizon FiOS - have the same channels nationwide, no matter where you live, and they are listed below.

610 - Eastern Michigan at Penn State
610-1 - Tennessee Tech at Wisconsin
610-2 - Indiana State at Purdue
10-3 - Missouri State at Iowa
610 - Syracuse at Northwestern
610-1 - Southern Mississippi at Nebraska
610-3 - Navy at Indiana
439 or 439 (HD) - Eastern Michigan at Penn State
5440 or 5441 (HD) - Tennessee Tech at Wisconsin
5442 or 5443 (HD) - Missouri State at Iowa
5444 OR 5445 (HD) – Indiana State at Purdue
439 or 439 (HD) Syracuse at Northwestern
5440 or 5441 (HD) - Southern Mississippi at Nebraska
5442 or 5443 (HD) - Navy at Indiana
AT&T U-Verse
650/1650 (HD) - Eastern Michigan at Penn State
694/1694 (HD) - Tennessee Tech at Wisconsin
5442 or 5443 (HD) - Missouri State at Iowa
695/1695 (HD) - Indiana State at Purdue
AT&T U-Verse - 6 PM GAMES
650/1650 (HD) - Syracuse at Northwestern
694/1694 (HD) - Southern Mississippi at Nebraska
696/1696 (HD) - Navy at Indiana
85 AND 585 (HD) - Eastern Michigan at Penn State
330 - Tennessee Tech at Wisconsin
331 - Missouri State at Iowa
85 AND 585 (HD) - Syracuse at Northwestern
330 - Southern Mississippi at Nebraska
331 - Navy at Indiana

For subscribers of our cable partners, such as Xfinity, Time Warner, Charter, Cox, Mediacom, RCN, WOW! and others, below are maps indicating which games are on your main BTN channel in various states, and correspond to the color on the map.

Coverage Map - Noon Coverage Map - 6 PM ET

BTN2GO - In addition, BTN2Go is a great option if you live outside the Big Ten footprint and your provider does not offer all the Extra Football Game Channels. It?s free to subscribers of participating providers, and you can access it here.

A SPECIAL NOTE FOR GOPHERS FANS – BTN2Go will have live coverage of your game at New Mexico State at 8 PM ET. The game is being produced by AggieVision and BTN2Go was able to secure rights to air it live nationwide.

As always, here's the best way to find your game:

Enjoy the games!