Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, August 20, 2013

Ever wonder what it's like for a walk-on to learn that he has become a scholarship student-athlete? Obviously, it's a special and emotional moment. But how is the news broken, and how is it received? Well, the Wisconsin Athletics YouTube account posted a video that shows Gary Andersen informing redshirt senior Nick Hill that he's now on scholarship.

Watch the full Wisconsin football feature above or go straight to the Hill scholarship part.

Talk about a special moment. I liked the way Andersen broke the news, too. He calls Hill up to say a few things to the team before having the following discussion:

Andersen: "Do you have a Twitter account?"

Hill: "No."

Andersen: "You don't. Do you have Facebook?

Hill: "Yeah."

Andersen: "Facebook tonight, you're now on scholarship. Congratulations."

Congrats, indeed.

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