Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, August 14, 2013

David Boudia the Purdue football players are not. This comes as no surprise, but it's even more evident after the team hit up the pool following Tuesday's two-a-day. There, players took turns jumping off the diving boards, some taking it semi-seriously and others going for the best belly flop. Hilarity ensued, and the PurdueSports YouTube page has the video of it.

This is great stuff. Want to see a good dive, one that Boudia would be proud of? Find it here, courtesy Brandon Cottom. How about arguably the worst dive? Right here, from Cody Webster.

And then, there's Johnny Daniels' life-preserver flop that sent the team off. Judging from the preserver, the team's reaction, Carlos Carvajal diving in after him, and a lifeguard offering help, Daniels is not a pro in the water.

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