Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, July 24, 2013

CHICAGO – Nathan Scheelhaase is a happy man. For the first time in his Illinois career, the senior quarterback can finally forget about Skype and get some real face-to-face time.

Scheelhaase and his longtime girlfriend, Morgan Miller, tied the knot July 6 in their hometown of Kansas City.

"It was a great day," Scheelhaase said at Wednesday's media day of the wedding. "It was so awesome to share that experience with her."

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The new Mrs. Scheelhaase, who just graduated from TCU with a communications degree, moved into her husband's Champaign apartment following the couple's honeymoon in Riviera Maya. Morgan will head back to Kansas City for part of Illinois' fall camp, but she'll return to Champaign soon thereafter.

"It will be great that every night I won't have to come home and be on Sykpe," Scheelhaase said. "She'll be there at night when I get home, and that will make life a whole lot better."

Scheelhaase said the recent union doesn't change anything on the field or in the Illinois huddle. He's still the same guy, the only difference being that he's now the leader of a family, as well.

And he knows the decision to wed while in school, while the starting quarterback for a Big Ten team, will surprise people and make him the recipient of some good-natured jokes.

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"I'm sure people are always wondering exactly what's going on, because it's not something you see each and every day," he said. "After they meet Morgan, have been around her, they'll know why I didn't waste any time."

To be fair, he didn't exactly make a rushed decision. The two met before Scheelhaase left Kansas City for Champaign prior to his freshman season in 2010.

As for the wedding, it had an Illini flair to it. Scheelhaase's best man was receiver Miles Osei, and the groomsmen were receiver Ryan Lankford, backup quarterback Reilly O'Toole and receiver Steve Hull.

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