Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, July 12, 2013

The Big Ten is as steep in tradition as any of the nation's conferences. Considering that, it's a dubious task to try to rank the top traditions. Athlon Sports was bold enough to give it a stab, and like many people, it thinks Ohio State's dotting the "I" is the cream of the crop. See the publication's list in this post.

[ Ranking the Big Ten's best historic traditions ]

Here's what Athlon said about the Ohio Stadium staple:

"The culmination of "Script Ohio" during the pre-game festivities at Ohio State is a sight to behold. Once the word is spelled out by the marching band, the celebration comes to an end when one lucky sousaphone player dots the ?I.? The crowd erupts and the lucky ?dotter? puts on quite the show en route to their sacred position."

No. 2, you ask? It's the White Out at Beaver Stadium.

"Black outs and blue outs and red outs are cool. But nothing makes a crowd standout like a white out. And when white is one of your primary colors and 110,000 people agree to wear the same color, the result is a stunning visual experience unlike any other in sports. Very few spectators rooting for Penn State will fail to comply with the dress code and the sheer size of the crowd is as intimidating as any in the nation. While other colors actually make the crowd look sparser, a good white out will make your crowd look much bigger."

That's a pretty strong top two. There's no arguing Dotting the "I" is an unbelievable event, and few things make for a more picturesque sight than a White Out on a Saturday night at Beaver Stadium.

Here's the rest of the top 5: Ohio State vs. Michigan; The Fifth Quarter; The Blackshirts.

See the rest of Athlon's list.

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