Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, May 28, 2013

Penn State Jersey

For the third consecutive year, believe it or not, Penn State's iconic uniform will undergo a slight makeover. Relax, Penn State fans: This year's facelift isn't nearly as noticeable as last year's much-talked-about nameplates on the back of the jerseys.

Nah, the addition of the Nittany Lion logo at the base of the collar is a very small one. It's right up there with the decision two seasons ago to go from a white collar at home to a blue collar and a blue collar on the road to a white collar.

At just about any other school, a change this minor is hardly newsworthy. This may not be "newsworthy," either, but when it comes to sacred uniforms, there aren't many ahead of Penn State's.

There could be another change, of sorts, if Bill O'Brien opts to take the nameplates back off the jerseys. O'Brien added the nameplates last year to honor the players who stuck with the program, and he's said that they could be a year-to-year thing. As for 2013, O'Brien tells us we'll have to wait and see what the is wearing in the season opener vs. Syracuse.

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