Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, April 20, 2013

We know Kirk Cousins, the football player. We also know Kirk Cousins, the orator. We even know Kirk Cousins, the football analyst. But what about Kirk Cousins, the singer and performer? Yeah, he's that, too, and we saw footage of it during Saturday's Green-White Game.

[ VIDEO: Watch all of Saturday's Green-White Game highlights ]

You see, BTN aired a video of Cousins singing and dancing as a high school senior during the spring game, which the former Michigan State star helped call from the press box.

The footage, in a word, is classic. And yes, Kirk, as you said, "That is major blackmail material.?

No matter, the current Washington Redskins' quarterback nailed his first color commentator assignment and has a bright future following his playing days.

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