Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, March 6, 2013

Jordan Hulls grew up a few miles from Indiana and his grandfather was an assistant on Bobby Knight's staff, so it was only fitting that he would wear the candy stripe pants one day. Four seasons of sweet shooting later, the hometown kid couldn't help but get emotional following his final game at Assembly Hall. Watch Hulls let the emotions flow throughout his memorable Senior Night speech Tuesday here.

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Hulls warned the crowd that he would get choked up, though. He was right. The tears flowed as he thanked all the important people in his life, from his close-knit family to team managers. They continued as he called his sister, Kaila, his "best friend," which brought her to tears, as well, and when he talked about his late grandmother.

Not only was the speech 100 percent from the heart, it humanized Hulls. It also resulted in a standing ovation, no doubt aided by his closing remark: "Let's go get banner No. 6!"

Twitter took notice, to the point that "Jordan Hulls" was trending worldwide.

See some of the tweets below:

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