Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, February 13, 2013

Indiana fans will love what AD Fred Glass told reporters Wednesday. According to Inside the Hall's Justin Albers, Glass said it's "highly unlikely" Indiana will ever wear any adidas alternate uniform. Adidas, of course, has put Michigan, Nebraska and Wisconsin in its new "bleed out" uniform, the design the company introduced during the NBA marathon on Christmas Day.

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Glass' reasoning? "The IU men's basketball uniform is iconic," he told Albers.

That it is. This news will please many Hoosiers fans who saw the picture of what looks to be an Indiana "bleed out" jersey that was tweeted recently.

To be fair, Glass' "highly unlikely" doesn't completely shut the door on alternates in the future. But it is encouraging to know Indiana has turned down alternate opportunities and that it understands it has a timeless look.

Check out Albers' uniform-centric tweets below:

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