Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, February 8, 2013

Michigan announced it would wear 1968 throwback uniforms Wednesday night for its Feb. 17 game vs. Penn State. On Friday, the team posted a photo of the official uniform on its Facebook page.

First impression: It's a throwback, for sure, however it isn't the "identical" 1968 uniform the school claimed it would be Wednesday. Then again, did anyone really think the Wolverines would be rocking these super short shorts? Not a chance.

Regardless, it definitely qualifies as a throwback – a nice one, at that. And it goes without saying, but this is a MUCH better look than that bright monochromatic highlighter uniform Michigan wore Tuesday night against Ohio State.

The best part might be the return of the striped collar and armholes. Recently, too many teams have gone away from this classic look, in favor of this.

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